Omg the N-core OBSESSION XtremeHeel II is GORGEOUS! I kid you not the fat pack has too many options to even list.. but I will say that u can change the shoe, the heel, the sole, the buckle , interior, straps, tip end, ( deep breath ) and ring separately.. with 12 main colors to choose from.. all sooooo pretty !! Also 27 FUN nail options to choose from and a super easy skin picking hud,, I’m pretty sure this covers it all :D  Check them out at N-core today!

  • Hat – [glow] Studio – Hat – Black Chic
  • Hair – W&Y 1 Prem Hair Black
  • Earrings – (WY) Romance Earring
  • Glasses – K_gs 350/Group Gift
  • Skin – (fd) Morning Sun – Slasher 6 (Blonde Brows)
  • Jacket – (WY) Cell Block Blazer
  • Tank – (WY) Sailor Tank Red
  • Skirt – *COCO*_Gift_RuffleSkirt(Lace-Black)
  • Leggings – Emery – Legging Roxe Lace
  • Socks – Stocking XtremeHeel II “Red” (OPTIONAL)
  • Bag – ][AV][bag cow lace
  • Shoes * – N-core OBSESSION XtremeHeel II Black & Pearl
  • Poses By Mavi Beck

Showing here the colors ,



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