Ali two RedAY!

Hey peoples! I’ve got a new shape ready for all to try,, I called her Ali Two because she stems from the original shape !Ali,, But don’t let that fool you,, after weeks of tweaking until I was completely satisfied, she is VERY different from the previously released Ali shape, and I must say I’m very pleased with the end result,,, so after wandering around the grid wearing her,, ( my own personal form of research ) I’ve decided she will be up for sale,, because people have responded well to her and therefor she shall be available to all who desire this look!

( PS. I wear all the shapes I sell, so they fit every one of my own personal standards, I make them available to anyone who may be interested because people ask me to, I have no problem with sharing my avies look at all! Hence the fashion styles I share daily :) My shape is no different. )

Also, I’ve tried a new look for my ads and box’s ,, so I’d love to know what you think of it,, Do we like seeing a more simple ad for a shape? Do we feel cheated when a shape is fully clothed? Or edited without a close up? IDK! ( I’m personally the type to appreciate a prettier package, But always remember there are demos! Be sure your satisfied. ) But lets help LoLli out and lemme know what you feel! Check out !Ali Two at the Market Place ,,  XoXo LoLli O.

Clothing Items previously posted <3



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