My Bloom

So I’m pretty late,, but I finally got myself a bloom doll :D \o/ for me. I had been seeing them all over SL when I first got back to playing a lot..and mentioned them to friends wondering what they were ,, but wasn’t too sure I’d get one for myself. But when I found myself at the CHIC Birthday Venue .. I just grabbed the Boo bloom doll available there so that my friends and I could make some cute pics,,, I didn’t even look too closely at the one I chose,, but I am glad this particular doll happened to be available at the event because after going to Surf co. and looking at all the dolls I realized she was my favorite anyways. Woooohoooo.. here’s a pic of the outfit I hooked her up with <3 Enjoy!

    ( Ps. The shape worn is my own NOT the one which comes with the avatar! BAD blogger me! <3 )

Hair + FlowersTRUTH HAIR Leilani – Pearl streaked NEW
Necklace – LeeZu! BohemeMia Necklace
Dress[MAGIC NOOK] Bon Bon Dress (Baby Pink) NEW
Boots – ANEXX_FringeWesternBoots_Camel
Doll – *Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Boo Bloom


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