So,, Gynni Ims me and is all like, O hey ,, wanted to tell u about these shoes, I think u will like em,,, ermm LOVED em! And mind you Ive never heard of this store called [Diktator], but I can tell u right now,,I’ll be shopping there tons  :) so me and Gynni went home and played with our shoes,,, we decided we had to take pics,, THEY HAVE TO BE BLOGGED, we thought,,, but after trying clothes on we pretty much got lazy and decided lets just kick it in our undies, so this is all about the shoes,, PS. has been so mean to me lately I’m not thrilled with any of my edits and I’m also a bit uninspired so I do HOPE someone can enjoy the pics at least a lil bit :) but mainly, check out that awesome shoe store! <3 hugs!

Gynni and I are both sporting the [Diktator]-HEAT’s her in nude and I in white :) undies By Kyoot!


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