Mesh? 4.44.444?

Ok, I must admit I do like mesh – for many reasons, tho I have not really been using it fashion wise as much as I’d like, I’m just not fond of the idea of being a walking blob to others on viewers that don’t support mesh. Not to mention the viewers that do support it, are pretty buggy ( yuck ) well anyways I did decide to try to last on one for a full day, so I dressed the part – a very simple casual look to show, but that is of course my preferred style SL & RL :) .On to the 4.44.444 event, I picked up a couple cute things while there for 44L , nice huh? yea some of it was totally too cute to pass up! like yay!, my new mesh shirt worn below and ofc this really cute DECO ring :D If you happen to like these items head on over and check the event out! Lots to look at and choose from! Have fun <3 LoLli O.


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