Get OFF me!

Literally, I mean :) I haven’t Blogged much at all recent, mostly because of the lack of time I have in SL at all, let alone to dress, BUT O M G ! I was stuck in the same accessories FOREVER! They just would not detach, Maybe I’m just an effin moron but I sure couldn’t get them off , :/  no matter what I tried so I just didn’t want to keep blogging the same stuff, instead I tried to work on hand drawing with a tablet, I needed a lot of time to get used to working with one because for so long I did all by mouse, I think I’m getting the hang of things more but still, just cus I’m used of it more, don’t make me a super artist! (hate my painting skills) :P So , working on that some too, practice makes perfect! or decent at least :) Anyways I finally got LoLli Dressed, since I couldn’t do much accessorizing lately, I have just been going through a skin crisis, I bought about a zillion but still ended up to going back to lovely mima by LaQ ( bought a lighter tone tho ) so basically not all new items BUT a new mesh release by [Pumpkin] , that I adored came into play for my look tonight :D and of course some of my FAV accessories ( now that I can wear them ) by NHA! OK! So sorry I keep going :) here is the look! Hope you enjoy! <3 LoLli O


Hair – .: vive nine :. Poland Highlander Bun in Copper (deeproots)
Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Grey Shadow, w1)
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Paris Green, w1) ( sold separately )
Skin – LAQ ~ Mima 03 [Fair] Glow skin (hairbase)
Freckles & Moles – Mynerva – Light~Dot2Dot &
Mynerva – Moles 2 ( sold separately )
Nails – FNKY! Fingernail Polish #1 – Magenta
Lashes – ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black) ( many more options included! )
Teeth – [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6
Makeup – cheLLe – (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full) ( past Gift )
PIDIDDLE – CheekDefinition – Diamond Cutter // PaleToFair


Tank – [Pumpkin]Tank top (f;s) ( New )
Bra – *blowpop* Yvette – lavender  bra  ( Past Gift )
Shorts – -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts (dark)
Tights – *Sheer* Leggings 04: Torn Fishnet
Boots – [Gos] Rigged Wellington in Aubergine v1.0 – Short ( Past Gift )


Earrings – NHA! Earrings Sheehan-Gold
Ring – NHA! Ring Bitsy – Gold
Bag – HouseofFox :: RomanBag[Lavender]


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