Ahhh… I waited & waited, hoping  this skin could look good on me ,,, it does & I’m in LOVE! YAY! So just HAD to blog it ,, took a while but here she isss ,and as amazing & more then I hoped for! Lyse @ Vive Nine… Check her out!


Exile – Groove Theory For Culture Shock.

Vive Nine – New Lyse skin in Beige (spf 204) Lip 2

Ricielli Mesh – Diva Jumpsuit  For Culture Shock.


5 thoughts on “Lyse

  1. Sometimes, you come across a skin that is so different, and one where you dont see it ALLL across the grid. You have done that with this skin, but my dear heart…you realize what you have done? Now were going to see it EVERYWHERE.LOL.
    I am going to pick up a demo and try it on just because I am dying to see how it looks on! Beautiful Lolli!

    1. O girl! I wish that would have been true LOL I’m afraid I am just one of the hundreds who have been eying this skin from afar, in teasers on Flickr, Vive Nine ads and so on,, desperately awaiting it’s official arrival! I Its for sure going to be and already ALL OVER!! I hope you love it tooo! So far Ive seen it on many shapes and its always looked right in its own way! Good luck with it and muahhh,, <3 ty!! always love hearing from u!

  2. Can you tell me what the shape is that you’re wearing, and where to find that Exile hair? the hair is not at exile lol

    1. Hi, vix! Im sooo sorry I didn’t post that the exile hair is for culture shock atm! I’ll update that TY! also the shape I’m wearing is my own , a work in progress yet so not for sale thus far :( sorry! , Hope this helps <3

  3. Hope you sell that shape, and when you do, pls let me know, I love it with that hair and skin:)) Vixen Zehetbauer

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