& i wanted new skin. again.

Snapshot_047 Snapshot_048

I have been really skin whoring it up for the past couple of months or so. But before that, for the longest time I rarely took off orchid by the body co, and now suddenly its like I can not sit still in one skin! They are all just so pretty.. and I like it! I miss being a big skin slut, because just because I never changed my skin much, well it didn’t mean I stopped buying them. What a waste right? I love this new girl so I’m showing her off :) also my outfit is really simple but its pretty cute, I just really felt like hanging out in jeans, I tend to like to sit LoLli  down in my little world a lot, and go afk and do whatever while she lives,,, (lets pretend she lives) but a girl cant hang out in a dress the way she does in jeans,, its just not cute =P  so shes comfy now.

Thanks a bunch for reading! & I hope you enjoy this new skin as much as I do! xoxo

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Genesis – LightBlondes03

Antlers – +Half-Deer+ Firefly Antlers [Natural Set]

Eyes – {Dead Apples} Thunder Eyes – Electric

Skin – *Glance Skins – Sigrid – March – NEW!!

Lipstick – *Glance Skins – Sigrid – March – Matte 02

Freckles – [theSkinnery]Sasha freckles & moles

Necklace – [HANDverk]Lion Tail Necklace.wheat  @ Zodiac

Bracelet – *League* Wanderer -Wood Medley- Bracelet

Tank – !gO! Tank Top NEW!!

Jeans – .:villena:. – tucked up jeans F/M blue-gray



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