My Deserted Patio.

My Deserted Patio

At The Home Show 2014 (April 1st – 30th)

MudHoney Leslie Gazebo
MudHoney Leslie Dining Table
MudHoney Leslie Wicker Chairs – white
MudHoney Leslie Hanging Lamps
MudHoney Leslie Tea Lights
MudHoney Leslie Place Setting – beige
MudHoney Leslie Garden Stool – brown
MudHoney Leslie Garden Stool – sand
MudHoney Leslie Pouf – white
MudHoney Leslie Pillow – white
MudHoney Leslie Pillow – navy chevron
MudHoney Leslie Pillow – beige
MudHoney Leslie Pillar Candles
MudHoney Painted Antler 1
MudHoney Painted Antler 2
MudHoney Leslie Coffee Table – tobacco
MudHoney Leslie Rug – tapestry
Toronto-Living room curtain right
Toronto-Living room drawer cabinet
Toronto-Books and plate decor
Toronto-Living room books
Toronto-Green grass plant
Toronto-Wire chairs (with pillow)
Toronto-Throw pillows basket
Toronto-Living room rug
-JoHaDeZ- candle tray “heavenly”
-JoHaDeZ- planter /w tree “vibrations”
-JoHaDeZ- Hookah
DIGS – Briggs Planted Vase [MESH]
DIGS – Briggs Plate Stack [MESH]
DIGS – Briggs Candlestick – Chrome [MESH]
DIGS – Briggs Candlestick – Brass [MESH]
DIGS – Briggs Candlestick – Pewter [MESH]

Other Items Shown

[Con.] & :CP: Dragonfly Garden Lantern Canopy
Zooby Ultimate Black Cat
[we’re CLOSED] tree 01E bare
[we’re CLOSED] tree 01A bare
[we’re CLOSED] old shack
[Ink] Plain curtain (Copy OK
Turnip’s Skydome 2.0


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