Expelliarmuswands at the ready

Outfits, Gynni – LolLi

Hair: Emo-tions: JoJo-black
Lipstick: AG (avi-glam?) Creamy Lipstick (blue)
Eyeshadow: alaskametro: Kohl eyeshadow (1st color)

Hat: Scandalize. Sabrina. Marine arcade Oct.
Dress: V.e.(Valentina E.) : Friday Dress Black
Shoes: Reign: Robichaux booties
Stocking: Reign: Robichaux stockings
Rings: Kibitz: Yazii Rings- Silver
Earrings: Genus Piercing set 2/Jessica/ Rare
Wand: Dwarf’s Chandler Gacha Magic Wand Black star

Hair: Beusy: Epoch Hairstyle
Lipstick: 11 GENUS Lipstick Applier /JESSICA /URBAN/PLUM
Nails – (NO) Art Nails – Boho Colors

Hat: Scandalize. Sabrina. Marine  arcade Oct.
Dress: Tres Blah – Chantilly – Black Lace
Glasses: nani // neko artist // glasses
Rings: (Yummy) Ouija Ring Set @ C88
Necklace: =Zenith=Leather Rope Preal Necklace
Wand: Hotdog – Foil wand @ C88


.random.Matter. – Librarium – Bookcase – RARE
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Chest – RARE
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Cauldrons
.random.Matter. – Witch’s Kitchen – Cauldron @ C88
.random.Matter. – Witch’s Kitchen – Pumpkin @ C88
[Con.] Skull-ptures arcade Oct.
[Con.] Skull-ptures – Static arcade Oct.
[Con.] Skull-ptures – Photographer arcade Oct.
[Con.] Skull-ptures – Crucified arcade Oct.
[Con.] The Edinbure Manuscript – Crimson
[Con.] The Incantanium Novellas – Multi
5.Sese_Haunted Bar_Microphone arcade Oct.
19.Sese_Haunted Bar_Counter arcade Oct.
15.Sese_Haunted Bar_Cabinet arcade Oct.
9.Sese_Haunted Bar_Stand & Hand arcade Oct.
24.Sese_Haunted Bar_Apples arcade Oct.
8.Sese_Haunted Bar_Plate & Bones arcade Oct.
27.Sese_Haunted Bar_Haunted picture Animated arcade Oct.
Wednesday[+] ~ Always ~ Potions Book – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Always ~ Snake knowledge – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Always ~ Open All – COMMON
+Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon – Deer Skull (Black) arcade Oct.
+Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon – Witch Broom Decor arcade Oct.
+Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon – Birds of a Feather arcade Oct.
Lark – Charms (Rez) (Books Animated)
Lark – Divination (Rez)
{vespertine}- velvet pumpkin sloppy /orange flf
{vespertine}- velvet sloppy beaded pumpkin/toffee flf
{vespertine}- velvet dwarf beaded pumpkin/sunset flf
Trompe Loeil – Octobertime Pumpkin Boo arcade Oct.
Trompe Loeil – Octobertime Pumpkin Bats arcade Oct.
Trompe Loeil – Octobertime Pumpkin Wicked arcade Oct.
*HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat – Bat Nope arcade Oct.



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